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The manufacturing process of wood

1- Collecting wood  
Isolated families from the bush collect dead wood
under the supervision of Napam Beogo association.
In the bush and around the villages, dead wood is used as logs to cook.

It often happens that some trunks,
too heavy, are left behind and not used. 

A small family facility from Livara. (Burkina Faso)  
Basic, but efficient tools !
2- Manufacturing   
The collected wood is then transported to the manufacturing workshops of the association.
It is cut into chevrons, then into blanks. Part of the eco-contribution finances the equipment of these wookshops
or the improvement of working conditions.
3- Distribution and suppliance  
Napam Beogo association is in charge of shipping to France.  
Then, Wood Fair Trade Association takes up and supplies wood to craftspeople and factories.
  Arrival in France.

Buying fair wood or an item in fair wood

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