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The wood fair trade association

An innovative concept which offers precious woods and respects fair trade ethics.
  It is possible to supply precious wood without cutting trees.

The dry weather conditions from desertic countries prevent dead wood to deteriorate.
This wood is collected and developed by local associations specialized in work integration, all members of the fair trade network. Rosewood, ebony and other precious woods from the bush are manufactured in rough sketches for crafts-work.  
The Wood Fair Trade Association is the link between European craftsmen and local people who shape the rough sketches (in Africa first).    

Fair Trade was defined in 2001 by a FINE (1) agreement

« Fair Trade is a commercial partnership based on dialogue, transparency and respect, aiming at more equity in worldwide trade. Fair Trade helps sustainable development by offering better commercial conditions and by securing the rights of isolated producers and workers particularly in southermcountries. Fair Trade organizations (backed by consumers) are actively involved in the support of producers, in raising people’s awareness of the issue and in campaigns in favour of changes in the rules and practises of conventional international trade. »

(1)     FINE is an informal committee of people involved in Fair Trade, bringing together the major international networks (FLO, WFTO, EFTA)

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