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The wood fair trade association

An association supervising the suppliance of small parts of precious wood for art craftswork  in the respect of fair trade ethics.

The Wood Fair Trade Association was created to try answer questions asked by suppliers and craftsmen, such as :
  • Can traceability of precious woods be improved ?
  • What are the economic consequences for local populations ?

The W.F.T. Association is a non-profit organization.
The W.F.T. Association sets a partnership with local actors of fair trade. It helps to organize a network collecting and manufacturing dead wood.

The purchase price of wood is set on the updated exchange rate in France. So that producters can live decently from their work.
W.F.T. Association takes care of promoting, supplying and selling wood to art craftsmen in Europe.
The W.F.T. Association is in charge of  eco-contribution.

Excerpts from status :


  • ·The aim of the association is to promote wood fair trade :
    • To help vulnerable populations to support themselves thanks to a new source of income easily affordable, and to live decently from their work.
    • To set up a traceability in wood trade in order to allow consumers to know about the source and the follow-up of their consumption choices.
    • To play a part in a change in the process of international trade so as to preserve environment.
    • To favour the development of financial or material assistance for populations.
    • To help protet or restore their vital and close environment.


  • ·The association’s actions will be focused on 3 main directions :
    • Collecting and manufacturing of wood material by people in precarious situation according to environment ethics.
    • Promoting and supplying these items in industrialized countries.
    • Promoting actions in favour of environment.


They include :

  • A support to producers from underprivileged countries or regions around the world. Items which were bought from the mat a fair price, allowing them to live decently and to support themselves.
  • Taking part to information campaigns about items sales and on the living conditions of our partners, about the dysfunctions of international trade and about people’s rights.
  • Thinking and acting, whenever it’s possible, toward a change in people’s opinions and in society to allow another kind of worldwide development.
  • Being part of the protection of environment process.

  • 2004 - First brainstorming among craftsmen : can fair trade ethics apply to precious wood trade ?
  • 2008 - Exchanges with the « Artisans du Monde »  Association.
  • 2009 - Meeting  with the head of the Burkinian fair trade network, Mr Lassané Ouedraogo.
  • 2010 - Guided tour of the premises in Napam Beogo (in Ouagadougou), an association aiming at professional  integration,supporting fair trade ethics.
  • 2011 - Registration of the Wod Fair Trade Association trademark… And first models of pens and knives in fair woods.
  • 2012 - Mr Lasane Ouedraogo, general secretary of the Burkinian fair trade network pays a visit in the premises of the Association.
  • 2012 - The first items in sustainable wood are launched on the market.
  • 2013 - Homing and vocational training of a Napam beogo association member.
  • 2013 - Delivrery of machines and various tools for woodwork.
  • 2013 - Fair wood is on the net.


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